Firefighting Systems

We in “Jsaas” company have the experiences and high competencies that can facilitate achivement all your goals. Preserving the safety of your people and properties in the work environment is our mission that we undertake, and we are completely confident that our works meets all your ambitions in terms of designing , supplying all firefighting systems, and installing them with other systems used, according to the type of building and its classification adopted locally and internationally.

Wet Firefighting System

  • Automatic fire sprinkler system

The automatic water sprinkler system is a system for fighting and extinguishing the fire by water, and this water flows from the heads of the sprinklers under a calculated pressure and flow to cover the fire site. These sprinklers heads are distributed close to the ceiling, and work to cover the entire area below it with water, and the sprinklers heads are fed by a network of pipes according to their geometric diameters. The system has a source of water that provides it with an adequate flow rate, pressure and quantity to extinguish the fire, according to the degree of danger threatening the facility. There are three types of sprinklers that are generally used according to the requirements of the concerned authorities, namely:

  1. wet sprinkler system.
  2. Dry sprinkler system.
  3. Pre-action sprinkler system.
  • Mobile Manual Extinguishing Equipment:

They are equipment for firefighting in early stages, used by ordinary people who are in the building or at the fire’s site, and that equipment are divided into several types depending on the extinguishing material used, which requires knowledge of the types of fires and the classification of each type. You can be guided by the instructions shown on each equipment to see whether it can be used or not.

  • Foam Extinguishing System:

The foaming system is an integrated installation in which the concentrated foam is mixed with water in a foam mixing station, then the required foam is formed, and it is sent in risers from the foam production station, and it goes through spe-cific exits to the danger area to be protected, with pumps installed always as required.

  • Water Mist Extinguishing System:

It is a fire protection system that operates automatically and manually, and is connected to a fixed network of pipes for the supply of water. It uses special nozzles that spray a spray of water (producing small particles of water) to absorb heat, and replace oxygen, reducing the temperature in order to control or extinguish the fire. This system is characterized by not wasting water quantities in relation to the automatic sprinkler system, in addition to the high feasibility in controlling fires.

Gas and Chemical Firefighting system

  • Carbon Dioxide System – (CO2)

Carbon dioxide gas is not conductive of electricity, and the fire is extinguished by displacing oxygen, and this is done by several mechanisms, such as comprehensive automatic flooding, and this system is applied to areas without people..

  • Clean media system (FM-200 & NOVEC)

The clean gas is one of the main factors that extinguish fire, are non-conductive, and fast to evaporate, and do not leave residue upon evaporation. It is broadly classified into two classes: halocarbons, and inert gases, such as nitrogen and argon, or a combination of them.

  • Commercial kitchen protection system:

A wet chemical fire suppression system is used to protect commercial kitchens from potential hazards, such as open flames, hot cooking surfaces, and the environment that contains large amounts of grease, leading to oil and grease fires.

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