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The perfect choice in meeting safety and security requirements

Jsaas in an authentic arabic name of visual acuity and accuracy which is distinguished by perception and percision. As we believe that high quality and perfection preserve lives and properties, we were keen to meet all the perfect requirements and to be the best in safety and security of different institutions. An integrated team of experts and specialists is fully aware of what technologies, and the international and local standards required by these systems engages us in a work environment that achieves a balanced performance of professionalism. It starts from designing all protection systems, through to approving and supplying them, then installing them, and finally delivering them accurately and safely. Our Features

  • Supply and installation of security systems, Fire alarm systems, and firefighting systems with high quality and efficiency.
  • Executing our works in compliance with all local and international standards for systems.
  • our dedicated and integrated team is working to implement the highest required standards.
  • Direct response to the requirements of all our customers.
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Our Vision

To be the best in protecting individuals’ lives and institutions according to the standards of security,safety,and fire protection in different institutions.


Our mission

To be the best company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which provides security and safety services and products with superior and innovative qualities that are accredited locally and internationally.


Our Values

Our values originate from our confidence and our keenness to provide our customers with the highest quality works, products and services available in the field of protection systems. Our commitment to this derives from our awareness of our work’s importance, what we do in terms of preserving lives and institutions, and our awareness of the losses that breach standards may lead to. This makes us fully confident in our implementation of all work with highest adequacy.Fully realizing that this commitment is one of our self values, we work and admire and represent “Excellence, Integrity, and Quality “.

From Our Team

Eng. Emad Lotfy

Projects Manager

General Mechanical Engineering, experience in projects management, including many mega projects for more than 16years.

Eng. Mohamed Rajab

Electrical Engineering - Electronics

9 years’ experience in designing and execution of Fire Alarm and Building Management Systems for many projects of various classifications.  

Eng. Hijazi Masoud

General Mechanical Engineer

9 years’ experience in designing and execution of Firefighting Systems for many projects of various classifications.

Eng. Mohamed Hemdan

Mechanical Engineer

9 years’ experience in designing and execution of Firefighting Systems for many projects of various classifications.

Why Us

We Are The best

Availability of all safety systems.

Firefighting Wet Systems and Gas & Chemicals Systems - Fire Alarm Addressable and Conventional Systems - BMS - Building Management System - Smoke Control Systems - Fire Rated Doors - Personal Protection & Safety Tools

Free maintenance contracts

After our completion & handing over of the project with precision and perfection, and due to our confidence in our work quality, we offer a one-year warranty for free, so that our customers always keep confident every time in their good choice of Jsaas Co. to provide all safety services.

Expert technical team

We always promise to take care of each of our clients to achieve his satisfaction with the quality of our service and achieve speed of work progress, so we allocate a technical team with high expertise and in all disciplines to ensure the quality of and speed of our work completion.

Technical and technology follow-up

We add to our specialized executive team, number of supporting specialties concerned with providing studies, solutions and technical follow-up using the updated project management programs to ensure the progress of work as planned.

Lowest price guarantee

We have worked on many agreements and cooperation with manufacturers of Safety materials in order to always achieve the lowest price for our customers in addition to our keenness that these materials & equipment be certified and reliable.

Various supply options

We understand the customer’s requirements and offer him what is suitable for his establishment in terms of various equipment and material to achieve his satisfaction and safety and conform to safety specifications and the Saudi code.

Engineering design and review

We work in coordination with number of approved Safety consulting offices to ensure the approval of our designed drawings according to the most accurate standards and contribute to securing your building and obtaining licenses upon completion of the project.

Jsaas Safety

Our Commitments

  • 01Commitment to the best practices followed in protecting the planet’s residential environment with the management of environmental protection and sustainability with regard to our work field.
  • 02We take rationing water use in consideration,so we attempt to reduce our use of water as the most important systems and their tests are based on water. So we are using all modern technical means to ensure least water waste.
  • 03Ensure that occupational health and safety standards are aplied to our team,the environment where we are working in, and the individuals working there. And to this to be a regular and consistent system and methodologies in every stage in our work.
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Standards and regulations

We apply the best standards and regulations

Saudi Building Code

In implementation of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (279), dated 08.11.1425 AH corresponding ...


Recognized International Laboratories

We are keen in “Jsaas” company to verify that the devices and systems in all their details are in compliance with the international and local regulations ...


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