What are the functions of fire alarm devices

by Asbarakat

Fire alarms are considered one of the most important means to dangers the owners of the facility, whether industrial, commercial, hotel, or home, about the danger of a fire, which helps to save lives, which is done by the citizens leaving the facility as soon as the warning is heard, and to reduce losses, because it may erupt The fire, without anyone knowing it, until it spreads in a larger spot, and the losses are more and it is characterized by the speed of response to the fire and then converting this early response into an audio and visual signal to alert an individual or group of individuals in the building, place, relief or fire center that there is a fire .

And the alarm system is:

A device that issues an acoustic alarm when a fire occurs, with the aim of evacuating the area in which the fire broke out in preparation for extinguishing the fire, and the fire detection system operates either manually or automatically.

Alarm functions

Alarm devices and systems, working to record and detect the fire, and to give a signal to operate the device, when the fire occurs, the alarm device sends pulses through the electrical directives to the control panel, which works immediately to trigger a light and sound signal, and the light signal indicates the location of the alarm while indicating Sound signal to warn the person in charge of the main monitoring board of the presence of fire.

Buildings and facilities must be equipped with alarm systems in order to protect buildings and citizens from the dangers of fire, by providing early warning so that the building can be evacuated, and fighting the fire primarily by trained personnel or by automatic equipment, then calling civil defense teams for actual combat and rescue if necessary.

How do manual alarms work?

Fire alarms are divided into two parts, the first is the manual alarm system, and the other is the automatic or automatic alarm system, each with its own tasks and method of operation.

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